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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator Installation | Austin

Home Elevators of Austin is an elevator installation company serving clients in the Travis, Williamson, Burnett, Llano, and Hays counties. A Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator, “PVE”, with its Panoramic View is an effective approach for elevators in new and existing homes due to their minimal space required to accommodate an elevator. There’s no need for excavation, hoistway construction, or machine room. The Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator has a self-supporting structure that rests on the floor. The polycarbonate cylinder is fully transparent offering a Panoramic View without cables or pistons that obstruct any vision.

Green Elevators

The PVE is the industry’s “Greenest” elevator and we offer three sizes ranging from a single passenger 30″, two passenger 37″ with optional fold-down seat, and a three-passenger wheelchair-accessible 52″. Our PVE is an ideal solution for pre-existing homes that were never designed to accommodate an elevator.

Vacuum Elevator Options

  • Vacuum Elevator PVE 30” (single passenger)
  • Vacuum Elevator PVE 37” (two passengers with optional fold-down seat) – See Our Gallery
  • Vacuum Elevator PVE 52” – See Our Gallery
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