Vacuum Elevators: Fast Installation, Beautiful Results

The Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator (PVE) offers a fully transparent panoramic view without any obstructing cables, pistons, or shaft. This shaftless PVE is a self-supporting structure that simply rests on the floor with no pit required.

Installing a PVE in your home is much easier and faster than a traditional hydraulic elevator or residential traction elevator because there is no need for excavation of your foundation, construction of a hoistway shaft, or building out a machine room.

The footprint is minimal making less construction dust, creating less interruption in your life, and leaving more space in your home for living.

Eco-Friendly Elevator

Vacuum elevators are the greenest elevators in the industry. Their operation requires less energy than other types of elevators.

Home Elevator of Austin offers three PVE sizes ranging from a single-passenger personal elevator at 30”,  two-passenger at 37” with optional fold-down seat, and a 52” elevator with three-passenger capacity and wheelchair accessibility.

Why Choose a Vacuum Elevator?

  • Compact Design: Pneumatic elevators have a small footprint making it possible to install them virtually anywhere in a climate-controlled area. With no shaft or machine room, PVE do not significantly reduce living or storage space. You can even install vacuum elevators on a yacht!
  • Style: The glass tube design is stunning and enables a 360-degree panoramic view. For smaller spaces where visual space is important, the see-through design makes a room feel bigger as it does not take up visual space like the wall of an elevator shaft would.
  • Safe: All home elevators are safe and have free-fall prevention. But by design, vacuum elevators cannot free-fall. During a power outage, the vacuum elevator will either sit where it is, if empty, or if you are in it, will automatically descend to the bottom floor as a valve slowly releases the air in the chamber below the cab with no energy needed.
  • Energy Efficient: Vacuum elevators are air-driven and consume no energy during descent. The pneumatic pump that creates lift for ascending is highly efficient. So efficient, PVE come in solar-powered elevator models.
  • Price and Value: Save money and inconvenience as there is no need for excavation, shaft construction, or build-out of a machine room. Here are more details about home elevator pricing. No expensive elevator maintenance required. Elevators add resale value to your home.
  • You Can Take It With You: While adding an elevator adds value to your home when it sells, it is possible to remove the PVE and take it with you to your next home.

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Adding a vacuum elevator to your home

Whether retrofitting a home elevator to your current home or including it in your new home construction plans, the process can seem daunting. The professionals at Home Elevator of Austin simplify the process giving you peace of mind that your choice of elevator and the installation process will go smoothly.  With our years of experience and skilled craftsmen, we work with you and, in the case of new construction, your contractors to ensure that installation of your residential elevator is a pleasant experience.

Not sure if you should install an elevator to age in place or move? Based on our years of experience working with homeowners to educate them so they can decide, here is a checklist of things to consider when deciding to age in place with an elevator or move.

Vacuum Elevator Elevator Media Gallery

The major advantages other than the obvious, is being able to get heavy loads up and down with minimal effort. Luggage, ladders, small pieces of furniture, etc., can now be moved together with my bulk, which has been a problem with bad knees. It can be considered a boon for my wife, who with her COPD and Osteo- arthritis, who can take advantage of the seat.

John Parente