Vacuum Elevator - PVE 52"

The PVE 52′′ is the perfect choice for a wheelchair-accessible home elevator or for a higher carrying capacity. This stunning and spacious panoramic glass elevator still has a much smaller footprint and lower installation costs than a traditional elevator with shaft. This is the largest PVE capable of carrying three people.

To learn more about the PVE 52′′, check the specifications below.

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  • External cylinder diameter: 52 11/16”
  • Carrying capacity: 525 lbs.
  • No elevator hoistway/shaft, pit, or machine room required.
  • The elevator rests on existing floor so it must be perfectly level.
  • Minimum overhead clearance:
    • Split Unit (turbine motors located remotely): 97”
  • Diameter of hole required to pass through floors and ceilings: 54 11/16”
  • 220 volt
  • 60/50 Hz
  • 25 amp single-phase power supply
  • 3 turbine motors located in pump box using a total of 6KW
  • Entrance width opening: 32” (813 mm)
  • Internal cabin height: 79” (2007 mm)
  • Internal cabin diameter: 44” (1,118 mm)
  • Automatic LED lighting and cabin fan
  • Door openings: same side (in-line), straight through (180°) or 90° .
  • All doors are hinged on top left with door swing to the left from inside the cabin.
  • Door height: 79¾ ” (2,026 mm)
  • Height to top of door closer:81½” ( 2,071 mm)
  • Each landing level specified includes only one door.
  • 24-volt electrical circuits with all controls in cabin.
  • Push-button call controls with precise leveling at each landing.
  • Automatic descent to ground level at safe speed in the event of a power failure.
  • Mechanical emergency brake engages in case of vacuum loss or catastrophic failure.
  • Electro-mechanical interlocks at each landing
  • Alarm system and telephone.