During your in-home elevator consultation and any construction or installation activities, our entire team observes safety guidelines such as wearing masks.

In-Home Elevator Consultation & Site Evaluation

To provide a complete home elevator estimate, one of our mobility experts must visit you in your home to conduct a thorough site evaluation. This is the same as other trades that must see the site to quote pricing. To get an estimate to install a new water heater, a plumber must determine the equipment needed, access to the installation area, and any upgrades you may be interested in. Or perhaps you need a new roof, knowing the square foot of your home will enable a roofer to give you a ranged estimate, but without visiting on-site, will not be able to give you a firm estimate.

The same situation applies to home elevators and other mobility solutions such as wheelchair lifts. We can give you a range of prices of home elevators (click this link to get that information). But to determine if your situation and needs put your residential elevator installation at the bottom or top of that range, we must complete a site evaluation in your home and discuss your needs now and in the future with you.

Your Home Elevator Price Quote

While in your home, we will look for the best installation location options based on your home’s architecture.

We will ask you questions about the home’s occupants, current mobility needs, and the potential for those needs to change. No one wants to think about mobility needs increasing and having to, for example, use a wheelchair, but to make the most of your investment in a home elevator, it is wise to should consider that possibility and to compare the risk against the cost of a larger elevator that services a wheelchair.

A slightly higher investment now will serve your future mobility needs. And, remember that residential elevators add value to your home and having the larger wheelchair-accessible elevator increases the potential home-buying pool.

Talk to Our Home Elevator Installation Experts

Call us at (512) 831-2703 with questions or to schedule your free in-home elevator consultation with our local Certified Aging-in-Place (CAPS) specialists.

What Happens During an In-Home Elevator Consultation

So these are the reasons that we need to visit you in your home to quote a home elevator installation project. Here is what happens during that in-home consultation process.

  • You set an appointment at a convenient time for you, plan for 30 – 60 minutes.
  • At your in-home elevator consultation appointment time, our mobility expert arrives promptly.
  • We ask you:
    • what your needs are
    • what they may be in the future
    • number of people in the household
    • frequency of visitors
    • age and health of residents.
  • We examine the structure of your home’s interior and exterior seeking the most cost-effective and efficient elevator installation location options and related challenges.
  • We itemize of the various materials that must be acquired and installed to ensure your elevator installation fits right in to the home’s current aesthetic. This affects your final elevator project price. For example, installing a vacuum elevator in an open stairwell only requires attaching the elevator to the landings while installing through the floor requires more construction.
  • We discuss all the options that fit your home and your needs:
    • Size of home elevator needed and related costs
    • Best locations for elevator installation
    • Construction needed in the home to complete installation
    • General comparative costs for each location if there is more than one option or installation location.
  • We will explain and help you select finish options that will complement your home’s interior.

After our visit, we will email you a proposal with the home elevator options you selected and installation services needed such as electrical, framing, painting and finishing, permitting, and inspection attendance.

Once we confirm you received the proposal, we will not call or email. We will simply wait to hear from you ready to answer any questions.

When you let us know you are ready to move forward, we will schedule your home elevator installation project when it is convenient for you.

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