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vacuume elevator with black frame at top landing

If you are looking for a small elevator for your home, you have come to the right place! All our vacuum elevators require less space than traditional hydraulic or traction elevators. Even our largest elevator that accommodates a wheelchair or 3 people is takes up less space in your home because no shaft or machine room is required. This leaves more space for living and storage in your home. And the compact shaftless design offers added flexibility as there are more possible installation locations in your home.

Which Small Elevator Option Is Right for You?

When looking for a small residential elevator, it is important to not only consider what will fit best in your home, but also to consider what your mobility needs may be in the future.

When talking with customers, we often find that they are looking for small affordable elevators for their homes with a focus to keep costs low. While budget is vital, and we can help you work through options such as installation location that can create an economical solution, we encourage you to consider that elevators are durable investments that you want to serve you well for decades to come.

While we hope no one’s health further declines, increasing the assistance needed, it is often a reality. One that should be considered with some thought and planning when selecting mobility solutions for your house. For example, today, you may only to use an elevator in your home to reduce the pain of climbing stairs or increase safety. But in a few years, you may find that you need assistance of a caretaker in the elevator or need to use a wheelchair. If you opted for the smallest option mainly due to cost, this may have not been the best choice for your situation.

That is where our certified aging-in-place specialists can help. While the decision is ultimately yours as to what elevator you feel will best fit your needs, our elevator experts can help you explore your small elevator options and prompt you to consider things you may not have thought of.

An on-site survey is required to give you an accurate quote and to help you determine the best installation location and elevator options for your needs. We are confident you will find our in-home elevator consultations highly informative and no pressure.

Our Small Home Elevator Options

small elevator with white frame with smoked glass fits in the stairwell taking up very little living space

We offer the following small home elevator models, in order of smallest to largest.

PVE 30” Single Passenger Personal Elevator

The PVE30 is the smallest elevator in the world. Though compact, for your peace of mind, it has all the safety features you would expect in an elevator from backup battery power for interior lights and lowering to an alarm and phone inside the elevator car for use in emergencies. Key facts about this small personal elevator:

  • Footprint: diameter of 30”
  • Door opening: 20”
  • Carrying capacity: 350 lbs., single passenger

PVE 37” 2-Person Compact Elevator

The PVE37 is slightly larger than the PVE30, but still quite compact taking up very little room in your home. Often a corner of a room is the perfect place for installation that does not reduce living space, storage space, or visual space. We often can identify a space that was not being utilized. With a slight step up in investment, the PVE37 gives more flexibility with space for an additional passenger. Key facts about this small residential elevator:

  • Footprint: diameter of 37”
  • Door opening: 20½”
  • Carrying capacity: 450 lbs., two passengers

PVE 52” Small Wheelchair-Accessible Elevator

The PVE52 is our largest small elevator offering. It maximizes flexibility by accommodating the needs of most residential use. This larger PVE remains compact compared to traditional elevators that offer the same carrying capacities and is much faster to install than a traditional elevator with required shaft construction. Fast installation and less construction means less disruption in your life. Key facts about this small home elevator:

  • Footprint: diameter of 52-11/16”
  • Door opening: 32”
  • Carrying capacity: 525 lbs., three passengers or two passengers with a wheelchair

Have Questions about Small Elevators?

Since all of our vacuum elevator options are smaller than traditional shaft-enclosed elevators, we are confident we can help you find the solution for improved mobility in your home. Let our Austin-based Certified Aging-in-Place (CAPS) specialists help you confidently decide which small elevator is right for you.

Jay, thank you for the immediate service response for our elevator. Josh did an excellent job and was a fine representative of your company. Needless to say, Brad is always super. When we first started our business relationship, I told you a main factor for my selecting your company was the professional manner displayed by you and your staff. Using your services in my own home was just another example of that professionalism. The result is that my wife can once again go downstairs without fear of falling. Her Parkinson’s Disease has progressed since you last saw her, and the elevator has been a blessing for her mobility.

Art B.
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