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pre-construction for through-floor pve application

Are you researching to have a home elevator installed in your home? Here is what that process looks like from weighing your options to choosing the best elevator for your home and mobility needs to your first ride between floors. This information will prepare you to ask all the questions so you can confidently choose elevator and options.

Onsite Consultation

When you are first introduced to your home elevator installation company, it will most likely be in your home during an onsite elevator site evaluation and consultation. Our certified aging-in-place specialists will visit your home to evaluate how you use your home’s space and its underlying framework to suggest best elevator installation location(s). The specialist will also ask about your current and potential mobility needs that might arise to help you choose the residential elevator option that is the best fit for your home, your budget, and your needs.

Ride Before You Buy

We feel it helps you make an educated selection when you ride the home elevator you feel is right for you. We have 2 options for our Austin-area home elevator buyers:

  • Visit an Austin-area home in which we have installed the elevator model you are interested in. We will set this up at your convenience.
  • We invite and encourage you to visit our elevator showroom in Houston to ride the various types and models of elevators before your make your final decision.

Note we also offer San Antonio-area home elevator buyers the same invitations.

Residential Elevator Quote

Based on our discussions during your in-home elevator consultation, we deliver a quote that includes pre-construction, installation, and helping you understand how to operate your new home elevator.

Schedule Your Elevator Installation

We are available in our showroom, by phone, or in email to answer any questions you may have after receiving your elevator installation quote and thinking more about the installation process. After you are completely confident about your elevator selection and home elevator pricing, you send your down payment and we set up a convenient time to begin pre-constrution and install your new home elevator.

Pre-Installation Construction

Take confidence in knowing that our elevator construction team is licensed and bonded. They arrive on the day scheduled for installation. They begin by clearing the areas that will be affected by the construction and take precautions to protect your existing finishes inside and, if applicable, outside your home.

Balcony-Mounted PVE Applications

This is where the elevator is installed in an open-air space, a multi-story area, indoor mezzanine, or a stairwell. This type of PVE installation requires the least pre-construction activity so it is the fastest and easiest method.

The construction crew often creates a landing, platform, or walkway for ease of entry and exit for passengers as well as for covering the space between the elevator and balcony floor. This also ensures stability as the Vacuum Elevator is attached to the structure on each level by means of a Balcony Band.

Through-Floor Applications

When the vacuum elevator will pass through the floor, the construction crew creates a through-floor round hole 2” inches wider than the exterior diameter of the PVE model to be installed. The hole is finished with materials that match your existing trim, walls, and ceiling materials so looks like it has always been there.

A licensed electrician installs any circuits, outlets, and other electrical connection needs for your elevator.

pre-construction for through-floor pve application

Home Elevator Installation

Our vacuum elevator installers uncrate the modular sections an place each section into your home on your first floor. Then the team carefully hoists each section stacking them one on top of each other to complete assembly of your PVE. The unit’s machinery is mounted and connected to the 220-volt power supply.

The elevator installers fully test your elevator’s operation and features prior to turning the elevator over to the homeowner.

The pre-construction and PVE elevator installation generally require a combined 2-3 days.


Your home elevator project manager walks you through the operation and safety features of your newly installed home elevator. Before we leave, our team ensures you are happy and can confidently use the elevator.

Elevator service is rarely needed on PVE elevators and minimal maintenance is required. PVE elevators require no oils, gases, or lubricants for operation. The only serviced item is the main seal which should be serviced after 15,000 lifts or roughly five years.

Home Elevators of Austin is just a call away if you have questions or require repair or service needed for any PVE we install.

Have More Questions?

Our Austin-based Certified Aging-in-Place (CAPS) specialists look forward to visiting with you in your home to provide you with a free, detailed, no-obligation quote as well as answer all your questions about how a vacuum elevator will fit in your home and serve your mobility needs.

Jay, thank you for the immediate service response for our elevator. Josh did an excellent job and was a fine representative of your company. Needless to say, Brad is always super. When we first started our business relationship, I told you a main factor for my selecting your company was the professional manner displayed by you and your staff. Using your services in my own home was just another example of that professionalism. The result is that my wife can once again go downstairs without fear of falling. Her Parkinson’s Disease has progressed since you last saw her, and the elevator has been a blessing for her mobility.

Art B.
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